Chester Cook:
Congratulations to Chester Cook on being awarded with the plaque of honor for being selected (after a three-year waiting list for the letter of achievement approval process) to receive the plaque of honor for being selected to the Hall of Fame for the State of Michigan Fraternity of Eagles 925.

Chet has committed more than 44 years of membership and 38 years as an officer with thousand of hours of volunteer work and dedication to his to positions as past president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, Chaplin, conductor, in-n-out guards with much gratitude we are very pleased Chester Cook was chosen to be this years recipient for the state of Michigan.” ~ Dave Fritz

Dean Nash:
Dean Arthur Nash dedicated many hours to the F.O.E. 925.
Dean never missed an officers board meeting in 17 years – they are held on an average of every 2 weeks with district meetings once a month (2652 meetings never missed). The number of hours he dedicated in holding the office of Secretary. He held the position where he would maintain the bookkeeping a minimum of 3 hours a day along with being on property to manage operations meeting with vendors and people needing a representative to speak with about business. Dean spent an average of more than 5 hours a day (he rarely took a day off) seven days a week. If he volunteered 30 hours a week we would be underestimating his contribution (approximately 26,520 hours). Also during Dean’s dedication of years, the organization was able to make one million and a half dollars of renovations to the building along with its yearly financial contributions towards other organizations and fundraisers for great causes. I wanted to put things in perspective as Dean Arthur Nash has contributed to the success of the organization and never asked for a penny in return. He gave his heart, soul and dedication for the well being of so many others. Thank you, Dean! ~ at Grand Haven Eagles F.O.E. 925

Thanks to all everyone who attended my retirement party and those who gave cards and gifts. I didn’t want a party, but I had no control of my Brothers who organized the event. I am proud to have served the past 17 years. We were able to grow to become the largest Aerie in the state from less than 400 members to 1636. We had our 100th anniversary and updated our facilities with a million and a half dollar investment during without having any current debt. This could not have been done without the many volunteers, members and dedicated officers. At the present time we haven’t been able to find my replacement, so I am acting as acting secretary. If anyone would like to investigate the possibility of becoming secretary, please contact me or Worthy President, David L. Fritz, Jr.


Dean A. Nash
Acting Worthy Secretary